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Find out who’s calling you from an unknown or blocked number

If you received a call and don’t recognize the caller, how do you find out who the phone number belongs to? Do you call them back and risk calling a marketer or sales agent? Do you ignore it and get on with your day? Or do you find out who it is and then decide whether to call them back or not? I tend to go for the latter. While most of us receive several robocalls a day or week, curiosity often gets the better of me and I want to know who called.

Scam and spam calls are more and more common these days. And they’re getting hard not to answer because the number comes up as “unknown.” When this happens, people can’t be sure if it’s a spam caller or an important call they’ve been waiting for from a doctor’s office or even their kids’ school.

If you’re anticipating a job offer or a call from a client, not knowing who’s calling can make this situation worse. Plus, you can’t block the spam callers if their numbers don’t appear.

As we get more robocalls or scam calls offering deals that are too good to be true, we are increasingly likely to ignore calls from undisclosed numbers or numbers we don’t recognize. That’s fine for the most part as we know the numbers of family and friends, but what if they used a different phone? What if you’re waiting to hear about a job offer or are awaiting a callback from a contractor or tradesman?

Then knowing who a phone number belongs to is the only thing to set your mind at ease.

Google isn’t the best way to identify a phone number but it is fast. You will usually see a ton of websites that offer the ability to feedback a number, offer a review or help identify it from user experience. It isn’t always the most informative but it can often identify whether it’s a scammer or robocaller.

There are a bunch of ways to perform a reverse phone lookup, where you have the number but not the owner. These are very useful ways to identify who a phone number belongs to. Websites such as Whitepages or 800notes can all help you out with this.

Did you realize that you can look for individual on Facebook by entering a phone number? By entering a phone number on the Facebook search bar, you may be able to find the profile of the person to which the number belongs to.

To do this, simply login to your Facebook account and enter in the phone number in question in Facebook search bar. If the phone number is associated with an account, that account will pull up. Additionally, if the phone number was ever shared in a Facebook post, that post will pop up as well too.

Unfortunately, most people have changed their privacy settings so that people can’t find them on Facebook that way or they don’t add their number to their profile at all. Some people don’t want other people to find a cell phone number on their profile, and that’s why they keep this information private.

If the number is associated with a company of some kind, it will likely have been mentioned on social media. That’s especially true if it’s a robocaller or scammer as many people will rant about it on Twitter, Facebook or somewhere else. It might be worth putting the number into your favorite social network and searching for it.

Reverse phone search websites like National Cellular Directory are perfect for anyone because they specialize in people searching and finding cell phones numbers.

They offer 100% confidentiality when searching for a number and are far more convenient than playing guessing games with social media and search engines.

Doing a reverse phone search Is the most comfortable, most reliable and safest way to find out who is calling you.